AVS Magazine Feature!

by | Feb 1, 2020 | Articles, General

Hello All!

Did you know that February is Vegan Cuisine Month? This is a great time to really dive in and see what amazing food this lifestyle has to offer, and to encourage those around you to give it a try as well! You can learn more about Vegan Cuisine Month HERE via the American Vegan Society.

Haven’t heard of the American Vegan Society? It’s a nonprofit organization that works to promote the concept of veganism to the public, and has helped make “vegan” a household word! AVS also hosts special-occasion events every year to increase public awareness and understanding of our vegan lifestyle. AVS is a leading source of accurate vegan information for those looking to join the lifestyle, and they provide encouragement to anyone transitioning to vegan life.

Check out the most recent publication HERE, I’m featured on page 29 as you can see below. AVS has tons of free resources on their website that provide great information and tools, but I highly recommend becoming a member. It’s only $25 per year which includes the magazine as well as a 20% discount on a great selection of books. Membership is a great way to be informed and stay connected with the vegan community!

Check out their website, americanvegan.org to learn more and become a member.