Sustanin’ – It’s a Way of Life!

by | Jul 20, 2018 | Articles, General

A Fun Update!

Last month I sent out a newsletter letting my peeps know Ahimsa Wellness, LLC dba Veganification had been Certified as a Sustainable Business at the Silver/Innovator level by the Sustainability Alliance.  I am particularly proud of attaining this certification as it acknowledges the fact that living a vegan lifestyle is synonymous with sustainability.  According to PETA’s website:
  • 51% of global greenhouse emissions are caused by animal agriculture;
  • it takes more than 2400 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef;
  • it takes 683 gallons of water to produce one gallon of cow’s milk;
  • one person going vegan can save 219,000 gallons of water per year;
  • more than 90% of the Amazon rainforest that has been razed since 1970 has been for livestock grazing.
But now, this month, yours truly was featured in their monthly newsletter!
Here’s what they said:
SILVER: Linda Voorhis, owner of Veganification, is a certified Master Vegan Lifestyle Coach who provides vegan culinary demos, education, coaching, outreach.  She explains some of the things she does that earned her Silver. “I only purchase organic produce or grow it myself organically.  I also adore purchasing my produce from the local farmer’s market as most of the purveyors there, while not certified organic, farm to those standards.  I compost.  All my cooking water is recycled.” Linda invites anyone to attend Vegan Nights Out in our area, The next one is at Picazzo’s on July 25.
If you want to claim your spot a Picazzo’s on the 25th, go here.