Cookin’ Outdoors was a TOTAL Success

by | Sep 16, 2018 | Demo Review, General

We had a great class!

For those of us you who weren’t able to attend, I got some great shots of the dishes we all enjoyed.

Using The Season’s Bounty to Create Delightful and Delicious Meals Outdoors

This class was held in Veganification’s BRAND NEW outdoor kitchen.  Outdoor cookery is no longer just about grilling.  Did you know that you can bake, roast, and sauté on your outdoor equipment?  We used not only the standard grill but also some unique outdoor cooking equipment to create delectable dishes without heating up our indoor kitchens.

However, the next class is Monday the 8th! We’ll be takin’ our shot with a Breakfast Bonanza!

You can register here – there are just a couple spots left.