Guess Who’s Back!!!

by | Jun 9, 2019 | Articles, Welcome

Iím back home and feeling ever so grateful!

It seems like forever ago, but in December, I traveled east to New Jersey to spend the Christmas Holiday with my family. On Christmas Day, my Dad suffered a traumatic brain injury; so I stayed on in New Jersey helping to care for both my parents.† On May 17, I journeyed back home to the Sedona/Verde Valley area along with my parents, who are now residing with me.

So, lots of changes all around; but IíM BACK!!! And so very excited to be so. Iíve missed all of you as well as the vegan activities that feed my soul so richly.

Iíll be changing it up a bit and wanted to let you know what to expectÖ..

What I’ve Got Planned

  • Iíll be back doing my Veganification blog starting June 15.† I know how busy we all are and how hard it is to keep up with all the emails, blogs, etc., so Iíll be doing blogs on the 1st and 15th of each month moving forward.† If you have any topic(s) that would be of special interest to you, please let me know.† Iíd love to hear your suggestions and get some feedback.
  • Iím going to continue the hiatus regarding regularly-scheduled culinary demos in the near future as I carve out the time to work with my fabulous and brilliant web master, Myss Miranda, to fulfill a lifelong dream of being a published cookbook author.† Here again, Iíd love to hear from you.† If thereís been a favorite recipe of mine that youíve enjoyed and think it ought to be included in the cookbook, please, please let me know.† After all, the cookbook is my labor of love and gratitude to all of you who continue to inspire me as we walk this path of living a life of non-violence through plant-based eating and a vegan lifestyle.
  • I will be putting together a couple of culinary demos down the road towards the end of this year and am planning on putting together at least one or two Vegan Nights Out for the fall; so stay tuned for more information in that regard as well.
  • Back on track will be my Verde Valley Vegans Potlucks, starting with the June 15 Second Friday at 6pm.† Hope to see you then and there.† You can RSVP through the Verde Valley Vegans Meetup page or on this page.

In the Spirit of Ahimsa