Pomegranate Café, Phoenix, Arizona

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Restaurant Reviews

Dessert as Appetizer

I had the opportunity to pop into Pomegranate Café last week for brunch. I’ve eaten there many times, and was especially excited that morning because I had a plan. I was starting my meal with a dessert as my appetizer as I wanted to make sure there was room in my belly for their oh-so-delightful raw chocolate almond joy with an almond buttercup latte as a chaser, made with espresso, vanilla-almond syrup, POMilk, coconut whip, and cinnamon. Could there be any better way to start brunch? I think not. I was in dessert/appetizer heaven!

I have to tell you that their version of almond joy far exceeds any I’ve ever had. It positively delectable! But, a note of warning—if you plan on taking one to-go, make sure you have a cooler pack with ice. I made the mistake once of not doing so, carrying it out in its cardboard container. Mistake. When I got home and opened it up to partake, it had completely melted into a puddle of goo. Not appealing. Soo very disappointing.

The Breakfast Club

For my brunch entrée, I decided on having The Breakfast Club, vegan option, which came on a rather thick and dense English Muffin that was cut into three slices, as it traditional for a club sandwich. It truly was a triple decker, so I had to employ my Guy Fieri sandwich-eating strategy…..

How to Eat a Triple Decker Sandwich Without Wearing It

As you can see from the video, the plan of attack is to slide your thumbs and pinkies under the sandwich, followed by your ring finger and middle fingers coming up the back side, and lastly, your index fingers securing the top of the sandwich. Unhinge your jaw, and insert the center corner of the sandwich into your mouth, bottom of the sandwich first, then tilting the sandwich into your mouth until you can bite down and catch an entire slice. And there you have it…how to eat a triple decker club sandwich without wearing it.

But, to be honest, the sandwich itself was quite bland, to the extent that I wound up asking for a cup of their enchilada sauce so I could dunk the sandwich into it for some flavor. That was disappointing, especially after it sounded so yummy on the menu.

Overall, I love the fact that Pomegranate serves organic, locally-sourced food that is vegan first. They do have several items wherein you can request a vegetarian option.

I have never been disappointed with any of their desserts, not ever. They have quite a varied menu, so there’s something for everyone there.

Pomegranate Café is located at 4025 East Chandler Boulevard, #28, Phoenix, AZ 85048. Check out their café and full menu at http://www.pomegranatecafe.com/ .