Retro Redo – A Demo Class for the Ages!

by | May 13, 2018 | Demo Review, Events, General

The Retro Redo Review

It was a delicious retro food for all! Classics from the 1970’s with a Contemporary Veg Twist was the topic of choice for the May demo class and it did NOT disappoint!

With the height of the Womens Liberation, mothers heading out of the house to create their own career paths, and the Me generation, shortcuts in the kitchen became the thing. We revisited and veganified some of those noteworthy dishes. Do you remember the pantry item whose tag line was, One pan, one pound, one happy family? Oh, and that infamous baked good scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? This was a super fun class with a mega blast to the past!

  1. Stuffed Artichokes (Sidenote – be sure to read my blog about artichokes from a few weeks ago…)
    Moving away from the stuffed tomatoes and celery sticks from the 60s, the 70s brought with it some more adventurous stuffed vegetables. My favorite, and one that was definitely popularized in the 70s but was served in our Italian kitchen long before and remains there today, is the stuffed artichoke. Im sure therell be some discussion regarding whats your favorite part, the stuffing or the prize at the end, the heart.
  2. One Pan, One Pound, One Happy Family
    If you havent guessed it already, it was Hamburger Helper, the meal in a box. All you had to do was add the ground meat and water. The five original flavors were Cheeseburger Macaroni, Philly Cheesesteak, Crunchy Taco, Four Cheese Lasagna, and Stroganoff. Way too much cheese. Our version takes the best of all of these, adds veggies to the pool, and adds a creamy tomato sauce. Simply and easy, without the box.
  3. Broccoli Quiche
    You couldnt go to any party without a broccoli (or ham and cheese) quiche being set out on the table. With the magic of aquafaba and Vegan Egg, youll be delighted in how quick and easy, yet absolutely delicious, this quiche is to prepare and eat. Will definitely become one of your go-to recipes, whether you make it with or without a crust. This recipe is easily transformed by simply changing the veggies.
  4. Its Better Than Fryin And I Helped!
    ShakenBake Crispy Fried Chicken without the Frying. Vegan chicken tossed in a bag with a tasty gluten-free coating, then baked in the oven. Well kick this one up a notch, dipping it in a tomato gravy.
  5. I Am Not A Crook
    A tribute to our 37th President, Richard Milhous Nixon, in the form of a popular 1970s salad I give you, The Watergate Salad. A riff on the 1960s classic, Ambrosia Salad, this salad boasts of pineapple and pistachios.
  6. What Is it? BUUUUUnt? Bunk? Bunt? Its a Cake! Theres a Hole in this Cake
    Although the movie that made this conversation infamous came out in 2002 (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), the Bundt Cake had its day in the 1970s. But ours is not just any cake. If you were of age in the latter 70s, then you will remember disco music and polyester leisure suits. And if you or your partner were wearing a leisure suit (most common was lime green with green stacked heel shoes) in the disco bar, you most likely were drinking a Harvey Wallbanger. Now, Harvey was a man, but he also created a drink and named it after himself. But, as the 70s waned away, so too did Harvey Wallbanger the drink, and thankfully, disco music and leisure suits as well.