Sound Bites Grill – A Great Meal and Night Out

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A Night Out on the Town in Sedona

Sound Bites Grill, Sedona, AZ

On January 14, my friend Judith and I went to a local supper club, Sound Bites Grill.  The entertainment for the evening was a delightful gypsy jazz group.  As is typical with so many restaurants, they had some vegan options on their menu, such as a hummus platter, minestrone soup, and a pasta dish.

Ready … Set … EAT!

Judith spoke to them in advance and had pre-arranged for them to make us a special vegan entrée option, a flavorful vegetable and pineapple grilled skewer basted in a teriyaki sauce and served over rice.  I, personally, wasn’t expecting much because the vegan food snob in me is far too often utterly disappointed with the mediocre at best vegan meals that are served at restaurants, including sadly, too many vegan restaurants.  Well, was I ever surprised!  It was absolutely delicious!   The vegetables were slightly al dente, just the way I like them.  The rice was more than pleasantly fragrant.  A definite home run!

Not to be overshadowed, however, we started our meal with their minestrone soup.  Now, I have to tell you, it ate like a meal.  It was hearty, chunky, and packed with flavor.  I savored every spoonful.  We bookended the meal with a refreshing dish of raspberry sorbet, the perfect ending to a glorious meal.

Oh, and did I mention the entertainment!  Stellar.  A marvelous evening.

Let’s Make Some Friends!

As we were leaving, we asked to speak to their Manager, Michele.  We mentioned to her that we were the vegans for whom she prepared the ‘special’ meal and how very much we enjoyed everything.  She was immediately receptive; and the conversation drifted to not only doing a Vegan Night Out at Sound Bites Grill but the possibility of creating a vegan-specific menu that diners could request when being seated.  I pointed out that, with the items currently stocked in their pantry and refrigerator, they could create a diverse vegan menu with little to no additional preparations.  To our sheer delight, Michele was not only receptive but was extremely excited to take on the challenge.

And take it on she did!  Now, when you dine at Sound Bites Grill in Sedona, you will be given this very colorful, definitely creative, vegan-specific menu that includes an array of enchantingly delicious starters, salads, entrees, and desserts.

Plan Your Visit

When coming to Sedona, don’t forget to make your reservations at Sound Bites Grill…but first, go to their website ( and check out their events calendar.  They even have links to listen to some of their entertainers if you’re not familiar with them.

So, here’s my take-away from the experience, and something I’d like to encourage us all to remember to do when dining out….take a look at the menu and come up with some suggestions for vegan options.  Then, talk to the manager about not just adding some afterthought vegan options to their menu but rather, create a vegan-specific menu.  And once you succeed, remember to spread the word and patronize the restaurant to show your support.  The more we accomplish this in our communities, the more the word will spread and other restaurants will follow suit.

I’d love to hear from you regarding your successes in bringing quality vegan dining to your neck of the woods.

Sounds Bites Grill
101 N. State Route 89A
Sedona, AZ 86336
Telephone (928) 282-2713

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