Think Summer Roll & Spring Roll – Now There’s a Winter Roll and Fall Roll

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Articles, Recipes

Winter Roll

Winter Roll

I recently had the extreme pleasure of presenting a cooking demonstration at Verde Valley Olive Oil Traders in Cottonwood, Arizona, a town located just outside of Sedona, Arizona. The class was entitled, “Holiday Hor D’oeurves” and was presented to twenty mostly-omnivores. I knew I needed to step up my game and be creative and inventive with what I was preparing.

I absolutely LOVE Thai summer rolls and got my inspiration from that absolutely yummy delight. However, it’s not summer, it’s winter (or at least it will be when the holiday actually arrives). So, it got me thinking….how could I transform a summer roll into what I will now call a “winter roll”?Hum, how about using beets, butternut squash, and carrots? And rather than using white rice spaghetti and wrappers, how about upping the ante here to make it more healthful? I decided upon a mixture of black bean spaghetti and adzuki bean spaghetti and brown rice wrappers. Serve them with a cilantro chutney dipping sauce.

I have to tell you….they were adored! Everyone was astounded at how colorful and beautiful they looked on the serving platter. I cut them in half using a slanted cut and served them upright.

Then I got thinking…the typical Spring Roll, which is deep friend, usually are served greasy and with no discerning taste. Several months ago, I purchased an air fryer and have been toying around with it; so why not try air frying a winter roll and making it into a Fall Roll? To create a sturdier roll, took a winter roll and added a second brown rice paper wrapper to it, very lightly spritzed it with oil, then air fried it. Oh my! I think it is truly one of the best things I ever created. No brag, really, just my unexpected reaction to the taste test.

Make these rolls, and make an extra bunch. You’ll have both Winter Rolls to enjoy immediately and Fall Rolls to enjoy long after you’ve put forth the effort of assembling them.

I’d love to hear what your reactions after you’ve made these delights. 

For the Winter Rolls

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Fall Roll

Fall Roll

For the Fall Rolls

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 The Cilantro Chutney

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