This Class is WRAPPED! The March Demo Was Rollin’ in Fun!

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Events, General

Keeping It Under Wraps – A Trip Around the World Through the Eyes of a Wrap

This class was great! We delighted in a variety of wraps, both sweet and savory.

They reminded us of worldly adventures with a few diversions here and there.

  1. Dolmas (Dolmades)
  2. Shumai Dumpling
  3. Sheeted Vegetable Cannolloni
  4. Potato Cheese Pirogi
  5. Chinese Egg-less Roll
  6. Winter Wrap
    This typical “summer roll” took on a winterized twist with beets and butternut squash and the class got to pitch in and make their own!
  7. Bollo (Colombia / Humita (Bolivia) / Tamalč (Mexico