VEGetariAN Squared – Part Deux

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Articles, General

The other night, a friend of mine was at home watching “Death to Smoochy” – a dark comedy, but a comedy none the less (which also happens to star not only Ed Norton but also one of my favorite actresses, Catherine Keener, who starred in one of my favorite movies, “Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding”). The main character, Sheldon a.k.a Smoochy the Rhino, is a Vegan loving, gluten free eating Rhino living in the Magic Jungle who lovingly encourages children to eat organic and healthy vegan treats and snacks without all of the “rickita-rackita” the other children’s tv show hosts peddle in the movie. It got me thinking, that when this movie came out in 2002, not everyone knew what a soy dog was, or gluten-free buns.

So in today’s blog, I wanted to share a small clip from the movie, the scene that got me thinking about gluten-free buns and the history of being a vegetarian versus a vegan. Which leads me to the second share part of this blog – another blog I wrote back in 2016 called VEGetariAN Squared. I had forgotten what an informative blog it was.

I hope this helps stimulate your brain, and your heart. And maybe even your appetite for a soy-dog.

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